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Weekly Report June 09 2023



  • Total TVL 7d decreased -2.36%, last time 06/06:-5.04% ⬇️

  • BSC decreased by 10%+


Stablecoins Circulating Supply

Red: Top 5 Aggregate Stables Circulating Supply

Onchain Activity BTC

📉 New address: -6%,Active address: +7%


New address: +8%,Active address: +1.6%

Major Asset Buy-side vs Sell-side Exchange Inflows

  • 🟢 Positive values suggest a net buy-side regime, where buy-side inflows of stablecoins exceed BTC+ETH sell-side inflows.

  • 🔴 Negative values suggest a net sell-side regime, where buy-side inflows of stablecoins are less than BTC+ETH sell-side inflows.

Sell-side pressure increased since June

URPD Unspent Transaction Output(UTXO)

The main UTXOs are still concentrated at the support price of 26770. Last week, the accumulation of 1.04m was reduced to 0.9m this week. There is a tendency to gradually decrease to 26000, 0.2m last week, 0.4m this week

Binance Daily Netflow

Mainly Withdrawals: June 5, then gradually decreased, and have now returned to historically normal levels. 700 million was withdrawn on June 5, and it was 150 million yesterday.

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