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Weekly Report May 26 2023




35% of Fantom TVL were locked on Multichain

  • Multichain issued 40% of Fantom assets, a total of $650 million

  • Stablecoin issued by Multichain ($458 million) accounts for 81% of the total Fantom stablecoin ($567 million), with USDC leading with $194 million.

  • Multichain Total TVL: 1.5 billion u

  • NOW:

Stablecoins Circulating Supply Red: Top 5 Aggregate Stables Circulating Supply

📉 continues to flow out, four stablecoins except USDT declining

Active Address & New Address

Exchange Net Position Change




Miner's Cost

Current Miner's cost: 22728 Current BTC price: 26477

Realized Profit/Loss Ratio

Realized Profit/Loss Ratio is the ratio between all coins moved at a profit and at a loss i.e. Realized Profit / RealizedLoss Bulls tend to peak with 7x more profit than loss. Bears often bottom with 2x to 3x more Loss than Profits.

Market Sentiment -- New address Momentum

Monthly 🔴 > Yearly 🔵 indicates an expansion in on-chain activity, Monthly 🔴 < Yearly 🔵 indicates a contraction in on-chain activity. Comparing the magnitude and trend of new addresses entering the market on a monthly and yearly basis can be much more informative.

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